Mission Statement

WoodSpirits’ mission is to generate fun and confidence for adults.

Brief Description

WoodSpirits is an adults-only organization dedicated to the social enrichment of adults through activities, projects, and awards. It is a non-sectarian, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-gendered organization taking pride in its commitment to provide fun to all adults regardless of socio-economic status, gender identification, race, religion, disability, or advanced age. We serve all adults from age 18 to death. Some activities for members between the ages of 18 and 21 are legally restricted, and we comply with local laws regarding those particular activities.

Justifications for Joining WoodSpirits
(other than “Because it’s fun!”)

1. We believe children are a precious resource, but their potential doesn’t end at age 18 – we take up where youth organizations end to continue to access the even more precious resource adults represent.

2. We believe in an approach that builds assets, embodies fun, and empowers individuals

3. We believe the best development occurs individually and in small groups where adults are actively involved in creating their own growth and fun.

4. We are inclusive, taking on members from every socio-economic background, disability, gender identification, sexual orientation, political beliefs, or any other aspect of diversity.

5. We believe in the power of life to awaken our senses, curiosity, and desire to grow.

6. We provide fun and challenging projects so adults can relax and explore more deeply.

7. We provide training materials to our members so they may develop their own goals and directions.

8. We are committed to providing opportunities for adults of all persuasions to get to know one another and develop friendships and connections that will enhance their lives.

9. We foster leadership, engaging adults in self-reliance and in helping one another in caring and understanding ways.

10. We advocate on the behalf of adult needs in a child-centric world.

Five Points About WoodSpirits

1. We are adult oriented. Our projects and activities are designed to stimulate joy and wonder, to inject fun into the lives of adults who may have become trapped in a life of struggling to survive.

2. We are welcoming and inclusive. We invite all adults of any type of diversity to join us so we can get to know one another and create connections of understanding. It’s time and past time we stopped using our differences to keep us apart and use them instead to bring us together. We require no oaths or participation in rituals that may create barriers to inclusiveness.

3. We build partnerships. WoodSpirits programs are all about doing things “with” one another and not “to” one another. Where youth groups have laid the foundations for creating lasting relationships, we build on those foundations to enjoy and enhance our friendships and relationships with others in the adult world.

4. We provide opportunities for adults to enjoy themselves without guilt or fear. Too often, society tells us that as adults, we should put away all things childish and devote ourselves to work. When we engage in childish things, we must do so only in the company of children and vicariously, at that. WoodSpirits allows adults to dispense with the vicarious portion and dive in directly, playing with arts and crafts materials, joining in games, and releasing the joy within that is the right of each living being.

5. We encourage adults to take chances and to explore new opportunities and options. We practice our life skills and build personal assets that continue to build character and deepen our maturity. We do this through fun and enriching activities and ceremonies that recognize our accomplishments.


WoodSpirits logo is a green winged acorn. The wings may be butterfly wings, dragonfly wings, leaves, bat wings, bird wings, or anything resembling wings.


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