Haven’t Forgotten

I haven’t forgotten about this site, I promise, it’s just that we’re working on badge designs now that we have a nice representation of badges up.  We want y’all to be able to display your rightly earned badges proudly.

It takes longer to come up with cool designs than it does to come up with the steps for cool badges.  Once we have a few badge icons up, we’ll start posting badge steps again.


More Updates

Updating will be a daily process until we get most things keyboarded and set up.

Today, we added tabs for the FAQ and Tidbits of information.

We expanded the list of Badges we have pre-designed from 70 to over 200 because we pooled our information and discovered we had that many badges already set up and ready to go.  We don’t have graphics for all of these badges yet, and many of the badges simply have rough sketches for graphics.  And we’re always open to more badge ideas.

Remember, you don’t have to take any oaths, make any pledges, or join any groups in order to be a WoodSpirits member.  All you have to do is pick a badge, do the steps, and claim your badge when you’re done.  You can do this alone or you can find yourself a Badge Buddy/Patch Pal to encourage you as you earn your badge.

You can start at any time. We believe you’re an adult, and you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to.  WoodSpirits is designed for adults, not kids, so go for it. There’s more to life than getting by.   Have fun enjoying all the benefits being a grown up bestows upon us.   Go wild!  Go adult!

Start now.


Welcome to the WoodSpirits site.  Here, you’ll find information about badges and activities, with tips and hints on getting things done.  Bear with us as we upload and prepare all the materials we have.  Soon, we’ll have a page for badges, a page for tips, a resource page, pictures, and maybe even videos.