Start Here

You’ve read the introduction and you want to play. Here are the simple steps you need to take to get started on having fun.

The rewards of playing in WoodSpirits are numerous: you get to have fun, you get to do things you’ve always wanted to do but just couldn’t justify doing because it was fun and grown-ups have to work, you learn new things which makes you a more interesting person, you achieve goals and prove to yourself you can get things done, you get a chance to mentor others and be mentored, you gain confidence and new skills, and above all – you have fun. What’s the point of getting to grow up so you can do anything you want and then doing nothing but what you have to do? Do what you must, but add in some of the things you dreamed of doing when you finally grew up.

Today is the day to get started claiming all the benefits of being an adult.

Step One: Buy a new notebook, or sign up for a blog. Use them to write down your progress, rant and rave about what you’re doing, record your contacts, list your resources, plan your adventures, name the badge you’re striving towards and record your steps as you go along, and reflect upon what you’re doing. You can use a blank journal, a web journal, a scrapbook, or even record your progress on You Tube!

Step Two: Use a calendar to make your dreams real. A paper calendar hung where you see it daily, a computer calendar that pops up reminders when you log on, a Day Runner, whatever works for you. Write down the dates when you plan to do the next step, then do them. Buy the supplies you need, make the one phone call or email that will move you forward. Keep it visible. Set your supplies where you can easily access them or see them.

Step Three: Get to know your local resources. Help is everywhere. The co-worker who gives home made soaps may be thrilled to teach you how to make soap if you ask nicely. The woman in the museum who doesn’t seem intimidated by modern art may be delighted to talk to you about art, if you ask. Some specialty stores offer classes in their specialty – woodworking, leather crafts, cooking, laying tile…some are free, some cost. Check them out. Reference librarians and bookstores are also great resources. Continuing education departments at universities and community education classes at community colleges and vo-techs are also good places to check out. Don’t forget co-workers, other members of club and organizations to which you belong, or badge earning opportunities available in volunteer work you already do.

Step Four: Go for it. WoodSpirits offers you badges, information, guidance, and ideas, but we’re not your mother and you aren’t in a youth group anymore. You can do these things because you know you want to. You can do them alone. Or you can find a Badge Buddy or Patch Pal or form a small group. Pick an activity, follow a dream, and have fun!

Step Five: You can share your dreams here at, in our comments section. You can share tips and ideas, find more ideas, meet mentors or become a mentor, make friends, and have fun doing so.

Step Six: Claim your badges and rewards and celebrate!


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