1. What is WoodSpirits?

It is the only adult organization devoted to entirely to the social enrichment and enjoyment of adults. It was founded in 1992 in Oklahoma City, OK.

2. How many participate?

There is no record-keeping, no central organization, no tracking of membership because all the participants are adults. There’s no way of knowing how many adults choose to participate.

3. Who can join?

Any adult, which in America mostly means anyone over the age of 18. Adults between the ages of 18 and 21 may face legal restrictions which limit their ability to participate in all WoodSpirits activities because our government doesn’t recognize one single age as being officially “adult”. Restricted activities would include (but may not be limited to) anything involving alcohol, such as brewing or wine tasting. As adults, we expect you to responsibly refrain from activities which have age-restrictions on them until you reach the legal age for them.

4. How can I participate in WoodSpirits?

Visit the WoodSpirits website (woodspirits.wordpress.com), download or purchase the WoodSpirits Handbook (lulu.com), pick a badge to earn and start having fun.

5. Why haven’t I heard of WoodSpirits?

WoodSpirits is predominantly spread by word of mouth so you may not have heard of us before because the word just didn’t spread that far yet.

6. Why isn’t WoodSpirits in every state or community?

.We have no central tracking office, so we may have members in every state. We just don’t know. And we’re probably not going to ever require members register with us, so we may never know how any members there really are.

7. Why should we be involved in WoodSpirits?

Every adult needs space that is adult-only, a place where they can gather with other adults and engage in activities that will help them grow as adults at skill and understanding levels that exceed that of most children. WoodSpirits provides opportunities where adults can increase their knowledge and skills without being held down to a child’s pace or needs. There are many things adults can do that children can’t, and WoodSpirits gives free reign to these activities. In addition, WoodSpirits offers these opportunities in informal social settings and with recognitions in the form of badges, beads, and other small tokens that members can wear as conversation starters or to show off their accomplishments.

8. Do WoodSpirits members wear uniforms?

We do have a “uniform”, such as it is, but no member is obligated to wear it. A uniform creates a sense of bonding, and allows members to know one another on sight. The uniform also helps market WoodSpirits and recruits new members. A unified “look” promotes WoodSpirits to the public at large and fosters pride in membership. We encourage members to wear the uniform for those reasons, but we don’t insist upon it.

9. What is the WoodSpirits Uniform?

We actually have several styles of uniforms depending upon the formality of the situation in which it is worn.

The most informal is a T-shirt displaying the WoodSpirits logo or name somewhere in the design. These T-Shirts are designed by the wearer, although a few general designs are available through (cafepress?).

Slightly more formal is a polo shirt in white, tan, dark green, or dark blue with the WoodSpirits logo silkscreened, embroidered, or sewn on the left breast. Both the T-shirt and polo shirt may be worn with jeans, khakis, shorts, or skirts, and a baseball hat with the logo on it.

The formal uniform is a dark green jacket with the WoodSpirits logo silkscreened or embroidered (or pinned) above the left pocket, worn with black pants or skirt and a pale green or white shirt/blouse and a green tie or scarf (preferably with acorns patterning it).

For the truly dedicated WoodSpirits member, we offer the Ceremonial Uniform: an elaborate tabard, elongated collar (think Egyptian style but stretching front and back to the ankles), or vest worn over a floor length T-tunic or snug jeans and shirt. This “collar” can be any color, and to it would be affixed badges, feathers, pearls, and other memorabilia from WoodSpirits. The ceremonial uniform would be worn when the WoodSpirits member claims a new badge, in parades, in WoodSpirits group recognition ceremonies, or for public recruiting events, to show off how much fun WoodSpirits can be.

10. What is your logo?

We chose the logo of an acorn winged in oak leaves because it shows our maturity (the leaves) and our willingness to continue growing (the acorn). The logo is commonly displayed with a green acorn and gold leaves, although it may also be all gold or all silver.

11. Why WoodSpirits and not, say, the Shriners or the Elks?

These organizations are worthy ones, but their primary goal is service, not fun. We consider other adult organizations to be allies, not competitors, and it’s possible to be members of more than one organization. WoodSpirits is an organization dedicated to bringing fun and excitement back into the lives of adults.

12. What Badges can I earn and how do I get them?

We have over 200 badge projects broken down into doable steps, plus a format for creating your own badge projects. The image of the badge is available at woodspirits.wordpress.com, where you can download it to print onto either sticker paper or iron-on transfer paper. Sticker paper means you can stick your badge onto things like your briefcase, a poster on the wall, your refrigerator, in a scrapbook, on your bedroom door, or anywhere else you collect stickers. Iron-on transfers mean you can transfer the badge to heavy fabric like denim or canvas and cut it out to sew onto sewable things like vests, baldrics, banners, jackets, tote bags and so on. You can also download it as an icon to put on your blog or website.

13. Are Badges all I can earn?

Nope. We also have pearls (as in “pearls of wisdom”) you can earn when you repeat a badge project with a different goal. Say you earn the badge in Cooking, for mastering sauces, and now you want to repeat it for mastering casseroles. You get the badge for the sauces, and a pearl for the casseroles. And another pearl if you choose to master soups and stews. You can earn pearls for any badge where you can repeat it with a different goal. We offer graphics of pearls you can download for your sticker collection or to add to your blog or website. If you’ve been making patches and sewing them on, you can buy packs of pearl beads to sew decoratively around or on those patches.

We also offer Feathers for attending or participating events with one or more other WoodSpirits members as WoodSpirits members. This means wearing a WoodSpirits uniform or in some way indicating you are participating in the event as a WoodSpirits member. You can download the graphic of the feather from woodspirits.wordpress.com as a sticker or an icon for your blog or website, or you can buy feathers at a hobby and craft store to sew onto whatever you’re sewing your badges.

14. How do I know I earned one of the rewards?

No one’s tracking you or keeping record of your activities, so you’re on your honor to earn them and claim them. If you feel you’ve earned the badge by something you’ve already done since you became an adult but before you heard about WoodSpirits, you can claim the badge at any time. Since we’re adults, we’ve probably had the opportunity to earn a few of these badges without even knowing we earned them – like the cooking or computer skills badges. If you feel you have to work through the steps of the badge again, you can do that, too. See, you’re an adult. We trust you and your decisions.

15. Do I have to join a group?

No. WoodSpirits is designed so you may earn these badges solo. You may be doing things with other people, but you alone may be the only one earning a badge for what you do.

The fun is enhanced if you have one or more Badge Buddies (or Patch Pals, if you prefer that term) to play with. Each of you can be working on different badges, or you may work together on a badge. You can arrange to have a celebration to show off the badges you earned, or you can plan camping events and other group activities together. If you do form a group, WoodSpirits places no restrictions on how you choose to organize it.

16. Are there dues or fees I have to pay?


They say people don’t appreciate the things they get for free and yet they also say the best things in life are free (or can’t be bought). We’re siding with the “best things in life are free” side of the argument.

Since we don’t need to track our membership and we don’t have to staff an office, we don’t need money to pay salaries, rent, utilities, and buy office supplies and equipment. Since we’re all adults, we don’t need to have trained leaders or pay for background checks like the youth groups do for people working with children. Since our badges and pearls and feathers are downloadable graphics that cost virtually nothing to offer no matter how many people take them or how often they take them, we don’t need storerooms to stock all of that. Since our “uniforms” are handmade or use common clothes, we don’t need to stock those, either. Our handbook of badges is available online, so we don’t even have the expense of printing or shipping it. If we decide to offer such merchandise as tote bags, baseball caps, T-shirts, mugs, calendars, etc., we can do so very cheaply through a site like cafepress.com or maybe lulu.com, so we don’t have the expense of stocking all of that or the shipping costs. Since we are online, we don’t have to print and mail newsletters, flyers, and letters. We can communicate via comments, newsgroups, blogs, and the website.

Members do have to pay for their own supplies, internet connection, and so on, but they don’t have to pay WoodSpirits for any of that. You can go as expensive or as cheap as you want. Your finances are entirely under your control for participating in WoodSpirits.

17. Do you have officially sanctioned gatherings or jamborees?

Not at this time. Most of our members are going it solo, and no one has stepped up to organize a large gathering of WoodSpirits members. If such an event does arise, we will probably have to charge the attendees a fee because we will have to pay for such things as site insurance, rental fees, and so on. An officially sanctioned event would be run at cost, because we don’t want to have to deal with profits.

18. Do you have official fundraisers?

We’re adults. We can fund our own activities, so there’s no need to raise funds to defray expenses. WoodSpirits owns nothing that costs to own. WoodSpirits is not a charitable organization, and doesn’t do anything more than educate adults on how to have fun. There will never be officially sanctioned fundraisers for WoodSpirits.

WoodSpirits members may certainly participate in fundraisers for other organizations as part of earning their badges.

19. Does WoodSpirits accept monetary donations?

No. WoodSpirits is run barebones and costs practically nothing to organize because it is done online and via inexpensive downloads or through companies like lulu.com or cafepress.com which levy no fees against WoodSpirits. All members are adults and capable of supporting their own activities and level of participation. There are no dues or fees to be a member of WoodSpirits, no fundraisers to defray expenses because there are virtually no expenses, and no donations are needed to run WoodSpirits. What time people contribute to it is entirely voluntary and uncompensated – which is why WoodSpirits is located in Oklahoma and not California. There are no officers of WoodSpirits, no staff members, no employees, no supplies or expenses to be paid, no money exchanging hands, no need for money, hence no need for donations.

20. What can WoodSpirits members do to support WoodSpirits if you don’t collect dues, fees, or monetary donations?

Members of WoodSpirits can contribute to WoodSpirits by designing graphics for badges, designing badges so others can earn them, or sharing tips, resources, and ideas in our forum. These things are offered free to other members of WoodSpirits, so they are freely accepted. No money will exchange hands for these things.


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