Haven’t Forgotten

I haven’t forgotten about this site, I promise, it’s just that we’re working on badge designs now that we have a nice representation of badges up.  We want y’all to be able to display your rightly earned badges proudly.

It takes longer to come up with cool designs than it does to come up with the steps for cool badges.  Once we have a few badge icons up, we’ll start posting badge steps again.



Smith’s Crowd

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If you want to be a Mentor, read these questions and answer them about each badge or area of expertise in which you choose to be a Mentor. Answering this list of questions and allowing your answers to be posted in the Mentor Tab counts as being a Mentor.

You may also answer questions at the WoodSpirits LJ Community, or offer to email privately with someone (we recommend creating an email just for Mentoring), or create a dedicated blog or website to Mentoring, where you share information and answer questions.

The Questions:

1. How did you get started?

2. What do you find most rewarding about this?

3. What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

4. What starter project would you recommend to a beginner?

5. What are the steps/supplies involved in doing this project?

6. When you encountered a challenge, what kept you going?

7. What three things did you wish you’d known when you first started?

8. What can beginners look forward to if they decide to level up in this activity?

9. Where do others who share the same passion gather?

10. What books/magazines/classes/websites do you recommend for beginners looking for support/advice/information?

Now That We’re Started…

Fairy Caught in a Jar

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Now that we have a few badge descriptions up so people can see what we expect of someone who claims a badge, we have several directions to go.

There are still dozens of badges to keyboard in, and that will take time. If there’s a particular badge you want us to put up next, please let us know. We’re not putting the badges up in any particular order, so we’ll be happy to take requests.

The art for the badges is coming. Honest. Art just seems to take longer.

We have a moderator for the WoodSpirits LJ Community. If you join LJ, you can put up posts, but the settings will allow non-LJ users to make comments, so you don’t have to create an LJ blog in order to participate. WoodSpirits is meant to be inclusive and autonomous, so it makes sense to make as much of it as accessible as possible.

If you’d like to share resources, you can share them here or there. We’re collecting resources to put up in the Resources Tab.

We’ve had a few questions about being a Mentor. You can be a Mentor in one of two ways: 1) post answers to a list of questions about badges you’ve already completed or in your fields of expertise or 2) be available by email or a dedicated blog to answer Mentorship questions from other WoodSpirits regarding a badge you’ve already completed, or in your fields of expertise. The third method is entirely optional: to be available in person to meet with a WoodSpirits member working on a Badge you’ve already completed or in your field of expertise.

The list of questions will be in the next post, and linked from the Mentors Tab.

Technical Difficulties

We’ve encountered some technical difficulties with scanning in the pictures of the badges.  The scanner works fine, unfortunately, it doesn’t work with either Linux or Vista.  We’re having to haul the old Win 98 computer out of storage and connect it up.  The scanner is too old to be upgraded to either OS.

If the old Win 98 doesn’t work, we’ll try a work around by photographing the badge art with a digital camera and go from there.

Expect a delay for getting the badge art up.  I suppose, with any newish endeavor, there’s a steep learning curve and unexpected challenges.

More Updates

Updating will be a daily process until we get most things keyboarded and set up.

Today, we added tabs for the FAQ and Tidbits of information.

We expanded the list of Badges we have pre-designed from 70 to over 200 because we pooled our information and discovered we had that many badges already set up and ready to go.  We don’t have graphics for all of these badges yet, and many of the badges simply have rough sketches for graphics.  And we’re always open to more badge ideas.

Remember, you don’t have to take any oaths, make any pledges, or join any groups in order to be a WoodSpirits member.  All you have to do is pick a badge, do the steps, and claim your badge when you’re done.  You can do this alone or you can find yourself a Badge Buddy/Patch Pal to encourage you as you earn your badge.

You can start at any time. We believe you’re an adult, and you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to.  WoodSpirits is designed for adults, not kids, so go for it. There’s more to life than getting by.   Have fun enjoying all the benefits being a grown up bestows upon us.   Go wild!  Go adult!

Start now.


This is a new website for us, and we’re working on getting things uploaded and set up for you as quickly as we can.  We have set up the barest essentials to help you get started, so even before we get the site fully filled up and ready, you can “jump the gun” and go for it all on your own.

Look through our Badges and Beads Tab and our Start Here Tab and have fun.