Beer Brewing Badge

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Step One: You and your buddies are settling down to watch the game, and you pass around the bottles of beer you made. They take one sip, pause, then with appreciative sounds, drink more. You know your agave beer is a hit. You need some heavy yardwork done, and you know all you have to do is make a few calls and promise a few bottles of your latest brew and you’ll have all the help you need. Your best friend asks you to make a custom beer for her son’s 21st party, because you can control the flavor and the alcohol content. You’re justly proud of your brewing skills.

Step Two: Brewing your own beer isn’t necessarily cheaper, but you have control of the contents every step of the way. You control flavor, alcohol levels, and mouthfeel. You have a barterable skill – friends will help you do hard work for a bottle of your beer, and parties are better when your beer is there. You get to express a great deal of creativity in designing new flavors of beers. If you enter beer brewing contests, you may even win a few ribbons for your beers. And you can explore non-hopped beers, too – ales and meads and other historical brews that you plain can’t find on the shelves at the liquor store. Mead is made with honey and can be made either as beer or a wine.

Step Three: As you start planning to become your own brewmeister, check out microbreweries. Sample their different beers. Find the brewing store in your town and talk to the owner. S/he will be thrilled to connect you with other brewers and tell you about upcoming competitions. S/he will probably also be able to help you select essential equipment and point you to the right yeasts for the type of beer you eventually decide to brew. Ask questions about how they got started, and what their biggest challenges and triumphs were. Ask what they’d recommend brewing first and where they’d recommend you go for more information.

Step Four: Follow up on the information you mentor passed along to you. Go online to do a bit of research. .
Then check out a few books:
If your local brew shop offers classes, take one. Maybe you found a brewing group – they may offer classes or let you visit while they brew a batch of beer. Visit with them and take notes.

Step Five: Assemble your equipment. While much of it may already be in your kitchen, you will probably still need a few things. Spend some time discovering what you will need and then acquiring or making it yourself. Research recipes and procedures, then select the ingredients after you have your equipment ready. Brew your first batch of beer.

Step Six: Sample your first batch of beer. If everything went well, you should have a brew that is delicious.

Step Seven: Claim your badge.


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