Now That We’re Started…

Fairy Caught in a Jar

Originally uploaded by nodigio

Now that we have a few badge descriptions up so people can see what we expect of someone who claims a badge, we have several directions to go.

There are still dozens of badges to keyboard in, and that will take time. If there’s a particular badge you want us to put up next, please let us know. We’re not putting the badges up in any particular order, so we’ll be happy to take requests.

The art for the badges is coming. Honest. Art just seems to take longer.

We have a moderator for the WoodSpirits LJ Community. If you join LJ, you can put up posts, but the settings will allow non-LJ users to make comments, so you don’t have to create an LJ blog in order to participate. WoodSpirits is meant to be inclusive and autonomous, so it makes sense to make as much of it as accessible as possible.

If you’d like to share resources, you can share them here or there. We’re collecting resources to put up in the Resources Tab.

We’ve had a few questions about being a Mentor. You can be a Mentor in one of two ways: 1) post answers to a list of questions about badges you’ve already completed or in your fields of expertise or 2) be available by email or a dedicated blog to answer Mentorship questions from other WoodSpirits regarding a badge you’ve already completed, or in your fields of expertise. The third method is entirely optional: to be available in person to meet with a WoodSpirits member working on a Badge you’ve already completed or in your field of expertise.

The list of questions will be in the next post, and linked from the Mentors Tab.


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