Deliciously Dangerously Daring Badge

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Deliciously Dangerously Daring Badge (also known as the 3-D Badge)

This is the first badge every person joining WoodSpirits should do.

Step One:
Visualize yourself following your dreams. Imagine taking a bow with Barishnikov because you were his dancing partner. Imagine being in the cockpit of a Cessna and flying it yourself to – heh, go wild – accept the Nobel Peace Prize for finding the virus that makes people violent in the Middle East – and the vaccination that cures it! Imagine yourself floating in space, directing the building of a rollercoaster on the Moon. Dream BIG. Even our most fantastic dreams have a kernel of something we can realistically do contained within it. There is no dream so big, so large, that we can’t do some of it. And if we can do some of it, maybe we can do all of it. Once we let our dreams bubble up into our awareness, they tell us something about ourselves: who we are, who we can be. Accepting those dreams lets our spirits soar. Deny them? Never again! Will our dreams come true? The only way to know is to name them and claim them. You’ve named your dream. Now, let’s work on claiming it!

Step Two:
Why should you claim your dream? Sometimes, following a dream can be scary. You’ll be doing something important to yourself, something that matters a lot, and that means you can get hurt. We spend a lot of time avoiding pain. If we face that fear, that pain, the vvery act of facing it frees us from it. We aren’t afraid of becoming who we are anymore as opposed to who we (and others) think we are.

It satisfies us on deep levels to follow a dream and make it real. Some people call this being happy, but the feeling outlasts the fleeting emotions that accompany happiness. It fills you with a feeling of “all’s right” and gives you confidence that sticks with you through everything you will do afterwards.

That’s a special kind of power within. It’s magical, spiritual, fulfilling.

Dreaming fuels passion, and when you alow your dreams to come forward, you are filled with energy and passion that spills over into the rest of your life and works to inspire those about you. That’s another, different kind of satisfaction and power.

Step Three:
Play with your dreams. You really can define your dreams, but you have to give yourself permission to let them come out. Insecurities, fear, and daily drudgery can atrophy your dreams, but even the most dried up, scrawny dream can be revived when you pay it some attention. Don’t wait for your dreams to poke themselves into your life – they’ve been walled off by the daily routines and habits you’ve built up to get through each day. Over the next 2 or 3 weeks, schedule three one-hour “play dates” with your dreams. Mark the times on your calendar and stick to them. These are firm appointments.

During your play dates, make doodles and notes of your dreams. Use magnetic poetry, if that helps, or scribble on a chalkboard. The point isn’t to fill pages with meticulous notes, it’s to give your dreams the same consideration you give to your shopping list. Let it out.

Some people find they let their dreams out best when they forst wake up or just before they go to bed. Others prefer a “hit and run” method and find that keeping a notepad and pen in their car or briefcase for inspirational doodles and notes works better for them, or they can hoard their lunch hour for this. They call it a “lunch break” for a reason – don’t waste all of it running errands and being busy. Take a seat and take time to dream. Or, if this works better for you, build yourself a mini-retreat: unplug or turn off the phones, tape a note over the doorbell, or go someplace where you will be away from the distractions of your daily life: a park or even the mall. Bring your notebook and pen and let your dreams out.

Step Four:
Now that you’ve got some scribbles and doodles, look them over to see what dreams you’ve let out. Pick a dream if you have more than one and expand on it. If you see yourself singing, are you singing in a church choir or in front of American Idol or in a recording studio? Let the dream take weight. Feel the microphone, the headset, the clothes you’re wearing, as much detail as you can. Include in this detail the steps you took to get there.

Step Five:
Do the work to make your dream real. Buy the supplies or equipment you’ll need, if any. Find someone who did what you want to do and interview them. Get tips and ideas and more contacts. Collect inspirational quotes and photos and put them in your notebook to inspire you when things get tough. If you don’t have a Badge Buddy, find one or come to the WoodSpirits website and post your rants and raves here. Browse our tips and resources for more help.

Step Six:
Research the information you got from your mentor. Take a class if you need to. Keep a record of all that you are doing and need to do.

Step Seven:
Do it!

Step Eight:
Claim your badge!

Step Nine:
Start thinking about your next badge!


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